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In the last 10 years, I have taught a variety of modules and topics. In this page I share the material I have created for these modules (page under construction).

Macroeconomics 1 (Warwick)

Year 1 core module for single honours in economics. The module assumes some basic knowledge of Maths (from A-levels), as this is a requirement at Warwick.

This content refers to the second part of the module, after students have done a full term of Macroeconomics in which they cover some basic concepts, up to how to derive the IS curve. This content can be adapted to be taught in Year 2, depending on students’ background knowledge (e.g., students without A-levels in Maths), and for joint degree courses.

(I am currently teaching this module, and I may not make all material available, but if you are an instructor and would like to see my material, feel free to contact me and happy to chat).

Economics of Money and Banking (Warwick)

This is an optional module for Year 2 students in economics. The module requires students to have done a Year 1 macroeconomics module and have a good understanding of the 3-equation model.

In this module, I covered 5 topics (out of 7 covered in the module):

  1. Money: What is Money? How is this created? Why it matters?
  2. The financial system: How does it work? How does it affect the economy? types of financial markets, financial assets
    Problem Set 1 (with sketched answers)
  3. Central banks: How central banks work? how do they make decisions?
  4. Monetary Policy: how changes in interest rates affect the economy? what happens when interest rates are near 0%? what was wrong with the banks and the system in 2008? unconventional monetary policy: quantitative easing, negative interest rates
    Problem Set 2 (with sketched answers)
  5. Commercial banks: how do commercial banks work? how their decisions affect the economy? effects on aggregate demand and output.
    Problem Set 3 (with sketched answers)

Extra questions for discussion or for student practice.

(The other two topics in this module were Investment banks and Monetary Policy after 2008, including Macro-Prudential Policy, covered by another lecturer).


There were some changes in the assessment methods for this module, and I am working on a research on how these changes affected mark differentials across different group demographics (WP coming up soon).

The main assessment used was a group project to be submitted at the end of the term, and a final assessment at the end of the year. In the link, you find a document with the various topics I set up for the group projects, and some exam-questions, I wrote for this module.

I taught this module until 2021/22, and last time I updated the material was in September 2021.
I taught a version of this module as part of the Warwick Economics Summer School. Slides are available here.

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