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Diversity and related topics

  • Who Studies Economics? An Analysis of the UK Pipeline
    Royal Economic Society Diversity Report 
    (with Tim Burnett, Gabriella Cagliesi, Parama Chaudhury, and Denise Hawkes)
    In this report, we look at the socio-economic background of economics students and its intersection with gender and ethnicity to provide a broader picture of the diversity in the discipline. We focus on a specific section of the pipeline, UK undergraduate students. This part of the pipeline is of significant relevance for deciding who becomes an economist in the public and private sector, and those who continue with postgraduate studies in economics, potentially becoming the academic role models in the future. 
  • How to Start Decolonising Social Sciences: A Workbook (October 2022)
    Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Warwick
    (with the contribution of Mahek Bathia, Alero Etuwewe, Ivanne Gnaoure, Caitlin Hoyland, and dipbuk Panchal)
  • Economics for All: 7 Action Points to Make Economics More Inclusive, (September 2020) 
    A report from the “Women in Economics: Student Workshop
    (with Ekaterina Arzhevikina, Caroline Bentham, Izzy Buratta, and Ume Smith).

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